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My Spongebob Squarepants

Hello guys hello hello! okay Im feeling great now because I am writing something about Spongebob on my blog so yeah. Where do we start? Well, who doesnt know Spongebob Squarepants? Spongebob Squarepants! Everyone knows this cartoon. Oh get real, spongebob is sooo cute and Patrick is so dumb but I love 'em. I adore 'em. Spongebob and Patrick.. They two are so awesome. You know Patrick is dumb and stupid and idiot and WUMBO and blah! But Spongebob stands to be his best friend. That is the awesome part. Besides, Spongebob is a fun and cheerful person. He always smiles and thinks positive although Squidwerd although refuses him. HE ALWAYS SMILES(; and he's a type of hard working people, he dedicates his life only for his job. Oh come on his job is just cook patties. I am sure he could get a better one job but you see he never leave his job even for a day off, and anyways Mr.Krabs sucks.
PS: I really want to say this, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants must be sooo dirty. oh co…


I really want to come visit New York.
Heck yes, call me a SILLY DREAMER.


Its hard to keep standing
those, they're disparaging me
Shits about me they do talk about
Will I make up my life?
You wish

Yes, I do live in a world of fantasy
I push reality away from me
I live in my own world
The world I've built up
I made it wonderful, I set it meaningful
Such a fairytale
with a prince and some perfect friends
And also,
a big big big wall over my road, instead of a bridge to get in my castle
Are you aiming to visit?
You'd better step back, sweetie
No use complaining. This fake world is too perfect to imagine

Heck yes..
People may say I am such a dumbass who gets it all hyped up
I am a silly dreamer, a big dreamer
but what is the big deal? THIS IS MY FUCKING LIFE(;
I know I'll be breaking down soon
I'll be giving up on everything
I already wait for the "I'm done dealing with may passion, dude! These are cracking nothing!"
To be honest, I'm afraid of being a loser in my future
we'll see that day I cant stand to occur
The person I will be.. blah i…