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for you, who will never read this.

good you told me that, you told all the fact. now I have a kind of reason to delete your number and remove you and unfollow you and shit. thought I'd let you know, I knew you before she knew you. Im so much better than that bitch you're falling for. I still remember how you cried on your knees a couple months ago, hey and you beg me to come back to you. you gave me a bunch of sweet words. remember that, my baby? its still burning in my mind though. now you never text me or call me, we never speak anymore, we never meet. you stop saying hey to me. wow its just amazing how quick you change your mind. I guess you're leaving. am I right? its okay, go ahead. like I care. you said you were afraid to lose me, but you leave me instead. just go ahead, sir! good fucking luck with your new life.

just call me your past.

Dream bigger.

Dream. Dream big. Feel it. Believe it. Go for it. Achieve it. Run to your scares. Embrace them. Your dreams, prove it. Many may laugh. So what? They don't matter. You are awesome. Your dreams are beautiful. Pretty. The person you will become is fucking wonderful.

This shit.

So, whats the point of being that pointless? You're now wondering why you are suffering and crying and dying just for a guy who is not worth the effing. He's not worth crying over. Stop the pain and just let it be. Its his loss, not yours. Its all his mistake, not yours. If he really loved you as what he said all the fucking time, he would never leave you. If he really cared about you, he would never make you cry. Thats the point. How many tears you let hit the floor? God damned, just let yourself free. Love will find you. Life will find you. World will find you. You just ought to sit around and wait for that guy. That guy who will always make you smile, who will make you cry because of his sweetness makes you affected, who will never treat you like a rubbish but a goddess, who will constantly say you're perfect in every way. PERFECT? You ain't perfect, nobody's perfect. But that guy always makes you feel like you're the most perfect. Just wait him. Stick aroun…

Just read it

So you want to kill yourself? Because no one cares about you. Your family hates you. Right? No. Your parents walking in your room in the morning to only find a dead body. They’ll try their hardest to not think negative, and to just think that you’re fooling around. Then they’ll start shaking you. Why aren’t you breathing? They’ll be broken. Tears. Many tears. More tears than you ever shed. Was it them? Were they the reason you did this? More tears. Pain. Every day. Every night. Every single second of every day. Guilt. More guilt. What about your bestfriends? They’re not going to care. Right? No. What’s the first thing that will go through their mind when your principal comes in and tells the class that you’re not alive. While your bestfriend sits there in tears. That girl that you’d smile at but never talk to? She’s now crying. The boy who used to kick you under the table just to annoy you? He’ll be shocked. He’ll be devastated. He’ll blame himself. What about your teacher? Thoughts c…