for you, who will never read this.

good you told me that, you told all the fact. now I have a kind of reason to delete your number and remove you and unfollow you and shit. thought I'd let you know, I knew you before she knew you. Im so much better than that bitch you're falling for. I still remember how you cried on your knees a couple months ago, hey and you beg me to come back to you. you gave me a bunch of sweet words. remember that, my baby? its still burning in my mind though. now you never text me or call me, we never speak anymore, we never meet. you stop saying hey to me. wow its just amazing how quick you change your mind. I guess you're leaving. am I right? its okay, go ahead. like I care. you said you were afraid to lose me, but you leave me instead. just go ahead, sir! good fucking luck with your new life.

just call me your past.