This shit.

So, whats the point of being that pointless? You're now wondering why you are suffering and crying and dying just for a guy who is not worth the effing. He's not worth crying over. Stop the pain and just let it be. Its his loss, not yours. Its all his mistake, not yours. If he really loved you as what he said all the fucking time, he would never leave you. If he really cared about you, he would never make you cry. Thats the point. How many tears you let hit the floor? God damned, just let yourself free. Love will find you. Life will find you. World will find you. You just ought to sit around and wait for that guy. That guy who will always make you smile, who will make you cry because of his sweetness makes you affected, who will never treat you like a rubbish but a goddess, who will constantly say you're perfect in every way. PERFECT? You ain't perfect, nobody's perfect. But that guy always makes you feel like you're the most perfect. Just wait him. Stick around and be good.