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Im just playing with words

Getting sooo bored. I was thinking to write something, nah words, I love words. its amazing how they can fix together and inspire me. Words change the world. Anyway, gotta share it, my life is kinda shit these days, cant even tell. But I learn alot of things. Wanna hear one? I got a conclusion;something that is started with pressure will never work 

out, even though you try so hard to make it

And guess, finally it sure comes off as the tough feelings you call 'expectation and dream'. The more you try, the more you get depressed. you know why? Its because you are fucking under pressure and thats not cool, man! Just let it flow,

If God planned it to happen, then it would.

No need any pressure, dont force yourself. Sounds complicated? Its not complicated, the world is not complicated, our mind is. So dont  even bother push your brain to make it seem complicated. 'Cause it really is not complicated. Make it simple. So, thats all by me. Tbh, Im still bored. its saturday night but I g…