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In the future, once I've grown up and become big enough, I will tell this to my kids :
"Kids, listen to me. I have a story to tell you. I used to have BIG DREAMS when I was your age. I wrote them down on every books and papers I had. I did this in reasons to encourage and remind myself about the passion that probably would lead me to succeed. I was so full of guts. I just wanted the world to know what my dreams were and what kind of a big dreamer I was. Oh and I remember this, I had such a conversation when I was in the end of year of my senior high. Me and a friend of mine had a talk just after we passed a nice and luxurious and sumptuous car. My friend started the conversation.
'Dude, look at that effing car. Someday, I will be the one who ride that four-wheeled beast.'
'Exactly! And once we can reach all of our goals and be able to buy that beast we call a car, we need to hang out and recall our senior high memories.'
'Yeah. Anyways, whats your dream?'