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Im not in the mood.. to just write.... a story

Wohooo hey there! What's new with you? Well, I just passed the State Final Exam and now the only thing left to fight for is the University Entrance Test. Im dying to go to a state university which is THE MOST FAVORITE university of the city. Im planning to take Literature as my major and I really am trying the best of me. I study hard everyday! I take SNMPTN course, that means I have to wake up early and come home 
late BUT thats alright, on the bright side, its possible for me too et allowance from my mom. dude, money money money! I wouldnt get any money if I just stayed at home
enjoying my boring 'unoccupied holiday'.
In my free time, I try to write a story. The title of the story Im working on is "Luna Luna". Its the continuation of my short story PENALUNA. But I just cant get the 'feel' and the mood to even write! Damnit! Gosh Gosh Gosh I dont know what happens with me. Its an easy thing to do butwhy am I not in the mood to just write?ƪ(´˛`“)ʃ Maybe its a si…