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My very first literature assignment

Wow hi guys ( ˘з˘ )-c<‾˛‾”) Have I told you that I'm currently studying English Literature at Semarang State University? So now you know. I feel so fresh studying in my campus. Well, I finally found a new place and new faces. I just love it too much ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) The lecturers are pretty fine too. What else can I say to express my happiness of being a student of one of the favorite Universities of my town? I can't be any happier!!! Plus, English is my passion. I love learning anything about English and West culture.

My Intensive Speaking lecturer, Mr.Arif, gave my class an assignment about "The things happening while I'm writing this" in the another day AND THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST ASSIGNMENT WE GOT. I was struggling to create a really good writing. I mentioned this blog in the assignment I have written, then when I submitted it to him, he told me to post the assignment here. It was. If you're questioned about the result of my writing assignment, then here you a…