My very first literature assignment

Wow hi guys ( ˘з˘ )-c<‾˛‾”) Have I told you that I'm currently studying English Literature at Semarang State University? So now you know. I feel so fresh studying in my campus. Well, I finally found a new place and new faces. I just love it too much ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) The lecturers are pretty fine too. What else can I say to express my happiness of being a student of one of the favorite Universities of my town? I can't be any happier!!! Plus, English is my passion. I love learning anything about English and West culture.

My Intensive Speaking lecturer, Mr.Arif, gave my class an assignment about "The things happening while I'm writing this" in the another day AND THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST ASSIGNMENT WE GOT. I was struggling to create a really good writing. I mentioned this blog in the assignment I have written, then when I submitted it to him, he told me to post the assignment here. It was. If you're questioned about the result of my writing assignment, then here you are..

"I’m sitting in front of the computer at the moment, racking my brains for what I should write about. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, actually, but it’s kind of hard to express them into words. I’m trying my best to make a good writing though. Hey, I am a writer-wannabe! I’ve been learning and improving  the basics of writing – and I’m a writer of my own blog and also have written some short stories and an unpublished novel.  I have a trouble in revealing inspirations these days. I can’t figure out why. Perhaps I’m just not in the mood or something. For me, writing is an essential part of my life. I can always pour down all of the things which is stuck in my head; the things I wanna share to people, the experiences I had, etc.

While I’m typing this, my brother is watching a dvd movie. It is a Japanese action movie, but I’m not really sure about the title. The movie is about a struggle of an ex-racer to survive since he went bankrupt. His sponsor called off all of the agreements without any significant reasons. Then, he came to his final decision to join one of the biggest mafia in Japan. What a nice movie! The action scenes are so awesome and the plot isn’t even boring. Not only my brother who’s being busy with his own preoccupations, so is my mother. She is cooking my family’s favorite meals for dinner, just like Sambal, Oseng-oseng, and Mendoan. I can never say no to her delicious brews.
I’m trying to keep focused to type and not to open Mozilla Firefox instead of doing this assignment. I’m talking to a bestfriend on Facebook chat right now. We’re talking about our new college. She goes to a private University of this city and takes Architecture as her major. Our passion is certainly different. My passion is language and hers is all about mathematics. But our basic difference doesn’t matter because we always complementary each other. ‘Makrab’ is the topic we’re talking about. There is no ‘Makrab’ being held in her campus, that’s why she’s wondering what ‘Makrab’ is. I’m telling her the agendas consisted in ‘Makrab’ and some jokes are inserted in our conversation at times. By chance, we went to the same High School. So, we’re also enjoying recalling our teenage craziness. The memories I have with my friends will never be forgotten. Woah, another friend is also coming up to me on chat but I barely know him. He’s asking to get to know me so we can be friends. I’m going to say yes because he seems nice to talk to. Everything’s just being so delightfull on my Facebook now.
I just noticed that I have been here dealing with my computer for an hour and I have written quite much. I want to write more about what’s currently happening around me. Well, my dad is destructing my concentration by talking to his friend on phone right behind me and the high volume of the TV is also interfering me. Now what should I write for more? Should I mention that my refridgerator is broken? I guess yes, because this is one of the happening occurrences in my house. Someone is repairing my broken fridge now. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible. I want to drink cold water!
That’s all by me, I suppose. Everything is already written down on this paper. I’m out of inspirations. I can’t write more than this."

Ughhhh I know my writing sucks but at least I have tried. Hey, I'm still learning. So I really need criticisms and suggestions  ~(‾⌣‾~) (~‾⌣‾)~  I'm open to your opinions to upgrade my competence!