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Analysis of Miss U.S.A. Emma Knight

Here is my analysis for "Miss U.S.A. Emma Knight". The first paragraph of this essay explains the characters and characterizations, the second explains the plot and conflict and the last paragraph explains the setting of the story which is divided into three: place, time, and social (social itself is also divided into three:culture, tradition, value). The bolded sentences are the points of the paragraph.
After reading this Studs Terkel's literary work, I got some conclusions. The main and only character mentioned in this story is Emma Knight. Emma is a woman who is called a former of beauty queen because she was once a real beauty queen whom almost most of American girls dying to be. In this story, she retells her journey of being Miss U.S.A.; the reflection of woman perfection. Her experience of being a beauty queen is unique and inspiring. Before being crowned as Miss U.S.A., she was an actress and a model for commercials, until she walked in the beauty pageant, won the…

Analysis of Symbols and Signs

This literature work is entitled ‘Symbols and Signs’ written by Vladmir Nabokov. It is published in 1948 by The New Yorker in The United States. Read the whole story by clicking»HERE.

Summary of Symbols and Signs
There was once an elderly couple who had a deranged son. They were quiete old already and had been living unassuming. They were actually from Rusia and moved to America to start a new life. The husband used to be a successful businessman in his old country, but then when he lived in New York, he completely relied on his brother whom they called The Prince —the real name was Isaac— to support their life. They once had a maid when they lived in exile in Germany; had an aunt named Rosa who perished in the holocaust; and had a nephew who was being famous as a chess player. The son was crazy and suffering from "referential mania" where "the patient imagines that everything happening around him is a veiled reference to his personality and existence". He started to…