Will you be in love with me?

Singing a love song along my way back home
Because I am so in love with the beauty of this city
Baby don't turn away
Don't make this only for a day
Let's sing a love song with me
Say something or just hand me your hand
Come on get on and see
This city and its beauty
The crowd, the lights, and the joy
You're my Dawson..
Will you be in love with me?

But, then

I'm falling down
I'm broken
Because of you, I'm abandoned
My love is scattered on the floor
You ignore me
How do I knock on your heart's door
You blow me away instead

Would you give me the chance
To just see you smile
Though from a distance, a mile
Never like me
You don't, you didn't, you won't, you wouldn't
But I'm begging you, this time
Let me love you like this
Adoring you won't be a crime
So what if I stare at you every time
Because I think of you anytime
You're different, and
perfect for me
I will never find a man like you
Even in the crowd
You're shining

I had a plan to tag you on this note
But no, that was just a plan, at least
Will you be in love with me?

for my Dawson, sincery Annisa