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Fire Fire Fire

It took a while for me to get myself back from rewinding. I am not trying to erase anything, I only need to put everything down sometimes, whenever things feel too heavy for me to carry. But, I am so much happier now. I have these upcoming drafts to do, giving me the fire to keep moving, filling me with a super momentous enthusiasm, making me so tense to get on them soon. I feel like fresh vegetables just got harvested from the field, and ripe fruit with the gratify colour that tastes as sweet as cotton candies. Baby, I am ready for something new, I am braced for something bigger! I have got this passion inside me that is madly eager to burst out. As I prepare myself to be settled down, my Sun smiles at me from the unreached-yet future. A marvel of glorious smile, with a warmness emitted from his brown eyes. Baby, I cannot speed up the time. I keep pretending as if I could, but I hate the sensation of pulling myself back from the futurethought. These pretensions are getting me into my nerves. They are rebe…

A character named Dexter

There are twenty six letters in alphabets. You will get thousands, or even millions of words if you mix every each of them. Long and short words. Content and Function words. Those letters arrange a bunch of words that are contained in a certain part of speech. The words might be syllabic or non-syllabic. If the words are ordered in a phrase which forms a sentence, there will be high, middle, and low intonation. The Alphabets, which only consisted of twenties words, creates words in thousands of different languages over this planet. A simple grandeur of God we meet in everyday life; the Alphabets.
The term ‘Alphabets’  keeps ghosting me for years now. Sometimes when I am alone in my room, I would think about how rippled these Alphabets are. The letters can fit together and form outstanding words. It is so awesome, well at least, to me.
I have enough time to puzzle myself with this thing. I do nothing every day. I think about nothing every time. It might because I have had too many things…