A character named Dexter

There are twenty six letters in alphabets. You will get thousands, or even millions of words if you mix every each of them. Long and short words. Content and Function words. Those letters arrange a bunch of words that are contained in a certain part of speech. The words might be syllabic or non-syllabic. If the words are ordered in a phrase which forms a sentence, there will be high, middle, and low intonation. The Alphabets, which only consisted of twenties words, creates words in thousands of different languages over this planet. A simple grandeur of God we meet in everyday life; the Alphabets.

The term ‘Alphabets’  keeps ghosting me for years now. Sometimes when I am alone in my room, I would think about how rippled these Alphabets are. The letters can fit together and form outstanding words. It is so awesome, well at least, to me.

I have enough time to puzzle myself with this thing. I do nothing every day. I think about nothing every time. It might because I have had too many things to deal with in the past that made me lose my ability to think about anything. Only the Alphabets that are glued in my mind so vividly.

I wonder, people accept the diversity of letters in Alphabets, word lengths, word syllabics, and sentence intonations but why cannot they accept the diversity of human being in their existence. Why? Why cannot they understand or at least listen to the sound of the gentle whispers around them?  Whenever they see someone who dresses in a slightly different way, or walks in the crowd with his head a little bit down than common people, they will smirk and look at him as if he was an alien just hop out a UFO. People are funny. They give voice about peace to build a better world for hundred millions of people, but they fight with their own parents, they divorce with their what-so-called soul mate. A fight at home that breaks their theory about peace.

I hate people. I hate society. I hate the world. If only I was given a choice to live on the Sun, I would pick it. It would be better to be burnt by the heat of the almighty Sun, than to live with these arrogant people who think they are able rule the world. It would be so much more worthy to stand in fire than to gather with these people, the people who never tried to understand the existence of a human being like me. I am different. I am nothing like a normal twenty-seven year-old grown up man. People at my age, they would prepare themself to settle down, get a job, get married, get a home and a house, get a normal life. I cannot be that kind of person. I can never be normal. I never was and I never will. I have been living a terrible life all along. I do not know how it feels to go to college and be a scholar. I am neither educated nor pedagogue, but I know the feeling of going through tough paths which is the real lesson of life.

“Dexter, are you in there?”

Mike's voice on the door blew out my daydream. I just did it again, thinking about the Alphabets and life. I stood up straightaway, looked at my hand-watch for a while, and then went to my room door. This room has always been this messy. Laundries are in every corner. Wine bottles and snack wrappers are scattered here and there. I do not really care. I aversion cleanliness.

“What is it?!” I answer Mike with high pitch as I open the door.

This guy in front of me says with a panic mimic on his face “The police just found our hiding place. We must go, now.”


This is the worst unfinished script of short story that ever exists on this planet. I got so tense to publish it to introduce a character whom I gave a name 'Dexter'. I created him inside my head so far from perfect, but his terrible and imperfect life are what make him so much interesting. He has tattoos all over his body, he does drugs, he smokes weed, he drinks alcohol, he robs bank, he shots people with handmade-gun, but HE IS A HUMAN. I know I shouldn't have published this yet, but screw it, I want Dexter to be known on facebook. I like him, Dexter, the new character I just created.

Anyway, I laugh everytime I read the first paragraph. I used Phonetics terms as the parables to depict alphabets. Hey, you may laugh, too!