Fire Fire Fire

It took a while for me to get myself back from rewinding.
I am not trying to erase anything,
I only need to put everything down sometimes,
whenever things feel too heavy for me to carry.
But, I am so much happier now.
I have these upcoming drafts to do,
giving me the fire to keep moving,
filling me with a super momentous enthusiasm,
making me so tense to get on them soon.
I feel like fresh vegetables just got harvested from the field,
and ripe fruit with the gratify colour that tastes as sweet as cotton candies.
Baby, I am ready for something new,
I am braced for something bigger!
I have got this passion inside me that is madly eager to burst out.
As I prepare myself to be settled down,
my Sun smiles at me from the unreached-yet future.
A marvel of glorious smile,
with a warmness emitted from his brown eyes.
Baby, I cannot speed up the time.
I keep pretending as if I could,
but I hate the sensation of pulling myself back from the futurethought.
These pretensions are getting me into my nerves.
They are rebelling to be complished.
Anyhow, I will just run,
and take a pause for a bit,
then run again, faster this time,
to reach the fine line beyond the boundary.
Having a doubt?
Why would I?
-- Annisa