The plastic chair has been taken

Let me tell you something.

You only come twice a year, so please kindly be glad to sit here with me today.
You only call me up once a month, so listen very carefully because I am not sure I'll be on the phone next month.

Now that you're sitting on that plastic chair in my living room,
and that we're not talking through a cable,
this talk is going to be very serious.

Do you remember the last time we met up on that fiberglass boat in the summertime last year? On that day, I talked about your favorite plastic chair that you're sitting on currently? About me deciding whether anyone else is capable to sit on it, as for it was made specially based on your size, your special size? I have come to a decision that it is to be seat only by you.

If anyone comes to my house wanting to sit on it, I'd offer him another chair and politely say "Sorry this plastic chair has been taken" because I believe in your promise to sit on it everyday, one day.