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Voices from Nigeria Spoken by Chinua Achebe

Stories from Africa are always interesting to read and discuss, including Chinua Achebe’s stories. Here I will analyze the structure of Achebe’s two short stories titled Dead Man’s Path and Civil Peace. Both short stories are originally written in English but still with the style of Igbo, the language of an ethnic group in the southeastern Nigeria. The first discussion of this essay is the working through of Dead Man’s Path, while Civil Peace comes second. Dead Man’s Path is a story about a young man named Michael Ibo who is assigned to Ndume Central School as a new headmaster. He is such an enthusiastic and energetic man. He has a lot of fresh ideas to make the traditional school become a more modern one. His wife is along with him. Both share ideas about bringing up modernity to their new life in Ndume, including to the school. The wife utters that they shall have delightful gardens, a symbol of nice settlement. Having her husband as a headmaster, the ruler of the school, makes her w…